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Fletcher Torres Team

The Fletcher Torres team is a residential real estate sales team working with Compass – Denver. The Fletcher Torres team has over 100 million dollars in sales experience and is currently in the top 5% of all real estate teams in Denver.  With a multitude of experience within our team and our deep rooted connections to Denver’s communities we are committed to serving our clients with virtuous excellence. Compass is an innovative real estate brokerage that pairs technology and people to make the buy and sell process seamless. We are honored to represent Fuse Living and the Affinity Luxury Flats which embody exquisite architecture and design to create a home oasis in the heart of Cherry Creek.



Fuse Living is passionate about how and why living spaces matter. And it shows in their relentless pursuit to realize their vision. Fuse believes in creating the most functional, beautiful, long lasting and healthy homes for its residents, clients, and communities. They measure their success by how residents feel, function and live in their homes.

  • Family-owned development and interior design
  • Legacy projects
  • Homes built to last the test of quality, time and aesthetics
  • Thoughtful in ll harmonious with neighborhood scale and surroundings
  • Designed for buyers attuned to the environment, the future and living healthy at home
  • Emphasis on green, solar, unique environmental attributes
  • Carefully selected partners for architecture, design center, building and real estate sales and marketing

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Bauen Studios is a local Colorado general construction and construction management company. Specializing in individual project and owner needs, Bauen Studios strives to understand the specific details necessary to provide our clients with the value they deserve.

With a history of successful commercial and residential projects, Bauen Studios is  continually driven to deliver quality and lasting builds through strong relationships, clear communication, innovation and leadership.
Doing what we love is core to who we are. Our hope is to share that experience with those we partner with along the way.



Studio Completiva, Inc. is a Denver-based, boutique architectural firm established in June 1995. The firm was founded by Yong Cho, graduate of Yale School Architecture who moved to Denver in 1993. After several years of working for larger architectural firms, the two started the firm with the philosophy of “inspired architecture within budget.”  The intent was to fulfill a niche: high quality, insightful design within cost and schedule. Our mission is to create successful projects that bring a marked, positive impact both to the lives of the residents and the greater neighborhood. We have extensive experience with mixed-use, urban, infill projects including commercial, retail and multi-residential projects. Studio Completiva has years of dedication and advocacy for providing quality design, and for creating responsible, sustainable environments.

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